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Get access to all global markets and brands with one login, which opens the gates to high-volume, high-quality leads plus unique access to relevant audiences at the right time. Whether you are a publisher or an advertiser, you are getting access to a new portal, packed with features that will save you time while allowing you to further grow your business.

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One login to new high-quality leads                                                                                                                           

Get instant access to relevant audiences at the right time. Operators who enter new markets will get a head start by having access to a variety of deals, compliant publishers, structured data, plus the latest tech and features.

Focus your time on growing your business                                                                           

Save time with minimal administration when dealing with affiliates and stop worrying about time consuming things like compliance and admin. 

Get updated data that has a direct impact on conversion, tracking links as well as compliance. 

Benefit from automated reporting, data analytics and industry comparison performance data.



Explore new deals and increase your performance 

Once you log into the Affiliation Cloud, you will find all stored deals by operator, vertical and geo. Never miss a valuable campaign again as we store, update this data, and notify you when there is a campaign that should interest you.

Latest tech and new features                                                                                      

Besides structured performance data, we also provide technical solutions with extra focus on conversions.

Explore features like the Top-list widget which is fueled by our structured RT data.

Benefit from the RT Index, a complex algorithm that ranks deals by performance and other variables that help increase conversions and much more


Follow performance through structured data

We believe that performance analysis needs to play a bigger part among publishers, but we realize that time just does not exist for this. With Affiliation Cloud, we eliminate this challenge by offering one source for your advertiser’s performance plus well-structured data that you can easily navigate through on both desktop and mobile.

Advertiser data and features

Within the cloud you can access all data, aggregated, consolidated or by brand, saving you time with one login. Focus your saved time on taking advantage of performance analysis plus features such as the “RT Index” and the top list widget to maximize conversion and overall performance. All of this under one roof.


RT Index will boost your performance


Take full advantage of this structured data by connecting to the RT Index. With the RT Index we rank advertisers. We do this by a complex algorithm that combines long-term and short-term focus with the common purpose, to increase your performance. 

Never miss out on scalable opportunities


Once you log into Affiliation Cloud you will find all stored bonuses and campaigns for the advertiser. Instead of valuable campaigns being forgotten in your inbox or missed, we store and update this data, so it is always accurate. You also get notified when there is a new campaign that should interest you.

We will help you be compliant

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Being fully compliant has most certainly become a full-time challenge for any affiliate. Therefore, we want to help you stay compliant. We provide all the information and even notify you when there is a change and how it affects you.

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