Nomination Committee

The Annual General Meeting 2018 resolved on the principles for the Nomination Committee. The main elements for nomination of the Nomination Committee are outlined below and the principles in full are published together with the minutes from the Annual General Meeting 2018.

The Nomination Committee shall be composed of five members. The Chairman of the Nomination Committee shall contact the four largest shareholders in terms of voting rights listed in the shareholders’ register maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB as per the last banking day in August, or otherwise can be identified as one of the four largest shareholders. The four largest shareholders shall be given the opportunity to appoint one representative each, to serve as a member of the Nomination Committee together with one member of the board of directors, independent in relation to the management of the company. If any of the shareholders chooses to refrain from the right to appoint a representative, the right to appointment shall be transferred to the next largest shareholder in turn, after the abovementioned shareholders. The term of the Nomination Committee shall be until a new Nomination Committee has been appointed.

The composition of the Nomination Committee shall be made public by a press release immediately after the appointment or at the latest six months before the annual general meeting. The information about the appointment of the Nomination Committee will be published on this page together with information on how shareholders can give proposals to Nomination Committee.

The duties of the Nomination Committee are, before the annual general meeting to propose: candidates for the number of members of the board of directors; remunerations for the chairman of the board of directors, other members of the board of directors and the auditor; remunerations for work in committees, if any; members and the Chairman of the board of directors; principles for the appointment of the Nomination Committee; the Chairman for the annual general meeting and appointment of the auditor.