Intern Stories: A Summer Spent on the Raketech iGaming Internship

Imagine a summer break spent working in an office and doing so voluntarily! You get time off from school, university and all your daily responsibilities – freedom at last! But, instead of sleeping in most mornings or spending the time to relax on a beach, you decide to do extra work. Why, though?! We asked the guys on the Raketech iGaming internship program, many of whom have already got back to spending their days in lectures and university libraries, why they signed up for a Raketech iGaming internship.

Raketech Intern Squad

Malta is the iGaming capital of Europe – every year more and more young people want to join this exciting industry and gain experience, so we decided to start an iGaming internship program for students and graduates, helping nurture bright young people who can also help us with their skills.

We had the pleasure to work with five great minds this summer in our Malta office. Ella L., Enrico Z., Daniel F. and Daniel V. (asking for Dan the intern caused some confusion around the office…) were a part of the Development team. They are either recent graduates or students of Computing Science.

Theo M., who recently finished his B.Sc. in Business and Economics, worked as a content writer for our Swedish iGaming websites. We sat down with them all to get the inside scoop on their experience at Raketech.



– So why did you decide to spend your summer break working in an office and not on chilling on a beach?

DF – This was an opportunity to expand my knowledge in web development and to apply what I learnt from my University modules into practice were probably the two motivating factors in spending the summer break in an office.

DV – Being my last summer before my final year as an undergrad student (fingers crossed), I wanted to gain some valuable experience working in the iGaming industry as a developer. In addition to this, working at Raketech offers a good working environment, leaving ample time to go to the beach 😉!

– What did you learn during your internship at Raketech? 

TM – I learnt a lot about the Swedish casino industry, betting, poker and JavaScript.

DF – I’ve learnt how to use several new technologies and skills during my internship, mostly related to WordPress, CSS, and jQuery. Training was mostly on the job, so whenever an issue came up with which I had a difficulty to solve, asking one of my helpful colleagues for some help and solving the issue together. In my opinion, that is one of the best learning methods in this field.

EZI have learnt an enormous amount of skills. From new coding languages which I had never used before like PHP and JavaScript, to techniques like AJAX and Node.js, Nuxt.js, Vue.js. The newest thing that I encountered was the use of WordPress and how to work in a team with both content writers and SEO which aren’t necessarily technical, so a new element of user experience is added when dealing with a problem.

– What will be your best memory from the time spent at Raketech?

It seems that all our interns loved our after-work events the most! Daniel V. particularly enjoyed cooking sessions with Ian, our awesome developer and in-house MasterChef! Enrico will surely remember a teambuilding event – “Playing bowling while having a beer with my co-workers was really great.” Theo recalls great people, similarly to Daniel F. who mentions the summer party, where he had a chance to meet up with colleagues that work for different departments and in different countries.

– What was the most challenging project that you have worked on?

ELEvery day presented a new challenge, many of the gaming websites I worked on needed to be improved or redesigned from scratch.

DV – The most challenging part was working on new features for one of my work group’s main sites in WordPress whilst still getting used to the technology. Despite being challenging, this resulted in a very efficient learning curve for me as I was getting hands-on experience.

EZ – Creating a whole new filter function from scratch which required me to really understand and research many aspects of PHP and WordPress, which I hadn’t needed to understand before.

TM – The programming project!

How would you describe Raketech in three words?

We expected similar responses but, surprisingly, we got totally different answers. This is how our interns described Raketech:
Relaxed, nice, open-minded, dynamic, comfortable, diverse, chill, helpful, caring, innovative – They also associated it with growth and teamwork.



– What are your plans for the near future?

It’s great to hear that the Raketech internship team will all continue to apply their learnings back at university or use them to find an iGaming career opportunity.

Daniel V. Enrico and Theo will be focusing on their studies, while Ella, as a recent graduate, is looking forward to further developing her career in computer programming. Daniel F. will work as a part-time developer at Raketech while finishing his degree.

– Would you recommend an iGaming internship at Raketech to others?

EL – Definitely, if you enjoy a fast-changing, flexible environment!

DV – Very much so! Raketech offers a great working environment and interns are given a lot of responsibility. As Raketech works in small workgroups, you feel like you’re really contributing to something big and striving to push your small team forward.

EZ – Definitely! The amount of trust this company puts in their employees is unmatched – the constant new projects being planned means that developers get to experience and try new technologies or systems all the time. I started here at the beginning of the summer expecting to have boring tasks and maybe one or two exciting projects, but I was immediately put in the deep end (with help whenever I needed it) and that really helped me try out countless new skills.


The summer has finished here in Malta, but we are not slowing down. If you too want to be a part of our team, check out our career opportunities!