Making Malta Clean Again

According to recent Eurostat data, every person living in Malta produced approximately 650 kilos of waste in 2016. With the second highest amount of waste per capita in Europe and a low percentage of recycling, Malta’s environmental Minister José Herrera has pointed out that changes need to happen fast. Otherwise, Malta will soon need the equivalent of two football pitches to store waste every year.

Exactly one year ago we decided to take action and tackle the littering problem hands-on. After seeing more and more rubbish on the streets of St. Julian’s, the home of our HQ, we wanted to contribute to a better and cleaner Malta. The Raketech team pulled together and searched to streets equipped with gloves, pickers and bags.

Result? Over 120 bags of rubbish collected. Satisfaction score: 10/10.

This year we wanted to do even more to help clean-up Malta. Knowing exactly what we’re capable of together, the team was determined to smash last year’s record. We are not going to say that it was the most pleasant or exciting initiative. But rewarding? Absolutely! 

With the help of the local council, we managed to clean the most littered area of Ta’ Giorni in St. Julian’s and it reminded us that big changes are created with small steps. We found anything from used tyres to unwanted tricycles and even salvaged an old cactus plant for the office!

Team Raketech Clean-Up

Result? Two full skip containers filled to the brim with trash. Satisfaction score: priceless!

How did we perform this year? Pretty well, indeed! And, yes, we did even more than in the previous year.

This is the second edition of our Raketech Clean-Up Day and we are hoping to make it an annual tradition. Why wait for the Earth Day when you can make a difference every day?!

We always strive to deliver lasting changes in our local community. Money is powerful, but so are our hands. Apart from raising financial support for charities, we actively (and physically) work to deliver much-needed help. Raketech’s Charity Committee collaborates with local organisations and charities, as well as developing initiatives to support good causes. In the past, we have united with Nature Trust Malta (NTM) to adopt turtles rescued off the Maltese coast. We also organised an office cake sale and bake-off competition to support Action for Breast Cancer Foundation. Most recently, we visited RMJ Horse Rescue to cheer up our four-legged friends in need. 

Raketech Cleaning up the Malta Streets


Raketech Cleaning up the Malta Streets

Hands-on approach