Raketech certified as a Mental Health First Aid Skilled Workplace

We are very proud to announce that Raketech has been certified as a Mental Health First Aid Skilled Workplace. Five members of the Raketech family recently took part in the course organised by the Richmond Foundation, during which they had a chance to learn how to identify and understand mental health issues and offer support to colleagues that might need it.

By attending the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course we didn’t become qualified therapists – but we definitely learned why we should always keep our eyes, ears and hearts open. We work together with our teams regularly – which means we share a big chunk of our life together. If we’re not there for each other – who will be? We are busy – that’s a fact. However, that should not be an excuse for not finding time to check-in on our peers and offer a helping hand to those who might need it.


At Raketech we try to prioritise the well-being of our staff, where every individual has flexibility in their working schedule and access to professional counselling services at Richmond Foundation when needed. We realise that stress, project deadlines and personal problems can have a big impact on mental health and work itself – according to the UK’s Mental Health Foundation one in seven people experience mental health problem in the workplace, while almost 13% of all sickness absence days refer to mental health conditions. These numbers only remind us that it’s in everyone’s best interest to constantly educate, develop and bring a much-needed change to our every-day life.

Let’s support positive well-being and stop stigmatising mental health issues. Instead, it’s time for us to get together and improve our ways of detecting alarming behaviours and acting in order to stop a crisis from happening. We’re happy to embrace this change and be an example to others, by incorporating all the possible measures to further become a better and more aware workplace for both our colleagues and ourselves.