Raketech goes green to help the environment

Malta is a small island that manages to generate a lot of waste at an alarming rate. The country remains behind other EU countries when it comes to recycling with just 7% of waste being reused. However, there has been an encouraging upward trend in recent times, with collections of recycling green bags and glass bottles shooting up by 14% last year.

Well, small steps help make big changes, right? This is why Raketech has taken a number of those small (yet meaningful!) steps, to contribute to building a more sustainable environment in Malta. Malta is a home to Raketech’s headquarters and around 100 employees, so we are very much responsible for playing our part in protecting the local environment.

It might seem that there is not much we can do when we all spend over 8 hours per day at the office from Monday to Friday… But that’s wrong! There is plenty we can do and we can always try to do more. Check out the steps we have taken so far!

Water is life

Water is the most valuable of all Mother Nature’s gifts – we are surrounded by water in Malta, it seems plentiful and is taken for granted. However, the need for water is constantly increasing and unfortunately, the supply we have stays the same. The key is to see the long-term consequences of our actions and work for the future now! For this reason, we cut down on water consumption in the office as much we can! In the 3rd quarter of this year, we have managed to reduce the amount of water used in our bathrooms by 640L per day!

Never refuse to reuse

Why buy another hundred plastic bottles of mineral water when you can refill one container regularly? We have been using water dispensers to (successfully!) cut down on plastic wastage. During our company events, we always use disposable plates and cups that are biodegradable, which means they decompose naturally. Recycling bins are deployed all over the office and we encourage everyone to bring their lunch in reusable containers. The less plastic – the better!

Trees belong to the forest

We say ‘NO’ to obsessive printing! We are a very digital-oriented business and our staff only print when it is absolutely necessary.  We make sure there are no purposeless documents flying around the building and print double-sided when we have to print. Printing has been cut in half at Raketech’s office over the past year! Less paper = less waste, cleaner desks, happier trees and plenty of time saved. As simple as that! Also, speaking of trees! We added a lot of plants to our office. According to the International Society of Arboriculture, the net cooling effect of one young, healthy tree is equivalent to ten room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day. In effect – we limit our use of air conditioners and enjoy nature in the office.

Walking 1 – 0 Driving

As Malta is quite a small island, we try to limit our car rides to the maximum. Why drive if you can walk to work along the seaside? 70% of us at Raketech walk to work every day, at the same time helping reduce pollution. It is a win-win situation! No driving equals no hours wasted while stuck in traffic! If the distance is too long – there are always bicycles to consider as an alternative. No worries, Maltese weather allows us to cycle almost throughout the whole year!

On and Off

We all know how easy it is to switch on the light and let it on for a number of hours, without even realising it has been on. That is why we introduced the rule to switch all the lights off at the end of the day. Ridiculously simple, right? But having our office lights off at night prevents useless energy consumption and lowers our bills, too!

Knowledge is power

We are always looking for new ways to reduce our environmental footprint, educating each other on recycling matters and aiming to get more eco-friendly every day! Apart from taking part in initiatives to help clean-up Malta, we try to find better ways to become even greener than we already are today. Well, all in all, there must be a reason why green is Raketech’s brand colour ;).

Go green or go home!