Raketech Great Charity Bake-Off

Baking cakes and eating sweets, while raising money for a good cause is something we love to do at Raketech. A group of our most avid bakers transformed from colleagues into competitors, raising €500 in aid of RMJ Horse Charity, an organisation that rescues neglected racehorses who require care and a new home. Being a company that works in the gambling industry, this is a cause that we feel passionate about supporting.

Our international team of bakers dusted off their baking trays and delivered a selection of cakes including a Yummy Chocolate Fudge M&M Cake, Very English Victoria Sponge, Swedish Daim Cake, Boozy Irish Muffins, Coffee Chocolate Muffins, German Russischer Zupfkuchen and Choco-Coconut Cheesecake.

We caught up with our Star Baker Ian Aguis, winning bragging rights and a bottle of bubbly for his delicious Choco-Coconut Cheesecake:

“I started giving a helping hand in the kitchen at a young age when my mother used to make Figolli, Christmas Logs and Christmas Cakes. I started by taking over small jobs, mainly helping taste test everything and then, slowly I started doing the whole recipe by myself. I made a Chocolate-Coconut aka Bounty Cheesecake. The recipe is rich, and if you love dark chocolate, it will satisfy your cravings with a very small piece. The recipe is a combination of ideas which I combined for my father’s birthday (he loves bounty chocolates!)”.

Raketech Cake Bake Charity

Creativity is the Secret to Success

I merged four different recipes merged into one, and it didn’t actually involve any baking…

  • A double chocolate chip cookie base
  • A layer of coconut mixture
  • A layer of devil chocolate cheesecake
  • A thin layer of soft and shimmery ganache

The ingredients are quite simple, chocolate cookies for the base (combined with melted butter), shredded coconut, coconut milk and some honey for the coconut filling, cream cheese, good quality dark chocolate and sugar for the chocolate cheesecake, and dark chocolate and heavy cream for the ganache.

Stay Relaxed and Keep Trying in the Kitchen 

When a recipe fails (trust me it happens!), re-read the recipe, check that you have done everything as correctly as possible, re-check similar methods and retry. 

Some recipes need some iterations to finally master. But with practice and an open mind to try things differently, you will find your very own super tasty recipe. Also, it’s always important to have willing people to try out your recipes and I always tell people “If you say it’s yummy, next time it will be the same. If you can explain what you would like different or improved, next time it will be better”.

My team and I bought a piece of every cake on offer to share and try them all out. There were some fantastic cakes and quite innovative desserts, so I was delighted to win Star Baker, helping raise money for charity and I look forward to the next cake sale.

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