Raketech update: halfway into 2019!

Aaand… we’ve officially stepped into the second half of 2019! After an event-packed Q1, we hustled even more in the second quarter. New innovations, product launches and a continuously growing team. We welcomed quite a few new members to Raketech’s content, development and sales team, seeing our team expanding in a number of European countries. More people on board means more hands on deck to develop great products, extra creative and innovative minds and more people to have fun with during team events! Let’s take a look at what #TeamRaketech has been up to!

Raketech Team Meet-ups: Pow Wow BUSINESS UPDATES AND SEO FORUM

Being caught up with every-day work, sometimes we don’t find enough time to speak with our colleagues working in other teams or different projects. Every quarter we hold Pow Wow meet-ups so that we can catch up on all-things Raketech, introduce new colleagues, discuss strategy for the future and celebrate success. We had the privilege of a guest speaker – Jonathan Shaw, the author of #FORTY – explain why our thinking matters in both personal and professional lives. He walked us through his inspirational story and encouraged never to be afraid of a change, but rather use it as a key factor for self-improvement.

During our quarterly meet-ups, we end with Raketech’s Value Awards to recognise the most committed Raketech team members who live and breathe our company values. The Value Awards are particularly meaningful as they come from the co-workers who appreciate each other’s contribution and praise their colleagues on their hard work – nothing feels better than knowing that your team thinks you do an awesome job, right?

Right before our July Pow Wow we launched a two-day SEO forum that included SEO experts, product owners and senior management from all corners of the company to share thoughts on what is working across different products in regards to search trends, technical SEO, content marketing, conversion and Google updates. We had staff from Malta, Sweden, Norway and Finland spend quality time together to share ideas, learn new strategies and find new solutions for improving processes going forward.

Jonathan Shaw speaking at Raketech’s Pow Wow Q1 2019

Pow Wow Q2 2019 – Value Awards

Raketech SEO Forum

Making a Difference

Raketech completed its third charity clean-up initiative, where every year we spend a good few hours helping tidying-up the place we call home. Last year we emptied the area close to Raketech’s HQ, this year we visited a popular coastal spot, where locals and tourists enjoy strolls along the seaside. Guided by Malta Nature Trust we cleaned the green area and found plenty of rubbish, old home appliances and even… used bicycles.

We also like to contribute to good causes while at the office! We have some devoted foodies at Raketech and that means we love a cooking competition. The keenest of bakers all took part in the Great Raketech Bake-Off  – a fiercely competitive event in its second consecutive year. Cookies, cupcakes, tiramisu and plenty of other homemade sweets were available for sale. It was like killing two birds with one stone – eating while supporting a fantastic cause! We managed to raise over €200 and collect a number of boxes full of food donated to Malta Foodbank Lifeline.

Great Raketech Charity Bake-Off

Raketech Clean-Up Initiative


When you live in a place like Malta with the best weather – you have to celebrate the beginning of summer! With the high temperatures reaching 40°C, cloudless blue skies and t-shirt weather we celebrated the start of the summer season. We threw a team party in an absolutely stunning location overlooking the waterfront of Valletta. We spent a few hours together accompanied by great live music, delicious food, drinks and… a super skilful magician. Just like last year’s “Raketech Club Tropicana Party 2018”, “Raketech White Party 2019” was a total success! Now let’s hope the next Christmas party will be at least half as good as this one!

Raketech Summer Party 2019

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