Raketech’s Guide to Living and Working in Malta

What do you know about Malta? The small Mediterranean island has an interesting history and vibrant culture all packaged together with warm weather, a beautiful coastline, and dreamy blue skies. Raketech’s HQ is also in Malta and that’s why we decided to tell you all a little bit more about life in the Med and the benefits that come with it.

Our founders are from Sweden and decided to start-up in Malta a few years after Malta became the first EU member state to regulate online gaming. Today, Malta is Europe’s premier iGaming destination and over 65% of Raketech’s current employees are expats who decided to move here! Read on to find out more about the lifestyle, weather and job opportunities on offer. Maybe you, too, will end up on one of the sunny Maltese Islands very soon?

Swimmy weather!

Yes, there are 300 days of sunshine throughout the year, we proudly admit it’s true. Imagine endless summer, wearing shorts for six months long, eating dinner outside watching the sunset, and swimming in the sea in October (the bravest swim all year long!).

So, what is there to do when the weather urges you to enjoy life as much as possible? Just do it (not a sponsored Nike post). The Raketech team gets together for regular social events, team-building, boat days, beach activities, rooftop BBQ’s, you name it. The summer weather always provides us with an opportunity to relax outside watching the world go by or to try something more adventurous.

The sea and both rocky and sandy beaches definitely constitute one of the biggest attractions. Best spots? Ghajn Tuffieha in Malta, Ramla Bay in Gozo and Blue Lagoon in Comino. All of those places are located on different lands (yes, the Maltese archipelago consists of three islands)! Looking for something more exciting? Get a paddle board, go diving or snorkelling, try jet-skiing or go on a boat adventure! Check out the VisitMalta website for more hints!


Livin’ La Vida Loca!

They say that New York is the city that never sleeps. Well, then Malta is the country that keeps going 24/7. Along with the sunny weather, comes a party vibe that attracts people from all over the world. Vibrant clubs, restaurants with fantastic views (and even more fantastic seafood!) and plenty of bars with tempting happy-hour offers.

You can find people partying every night in Paceville, the Maltese party strip or at nightlufe spot Gianpula Village, where DJ sets finish when the sun starts to rise. Electronic dance and house music is making its mark here in Malta, with some of the biggest acts and DJ’s playing festivals and special events all year round, such as Annie Mac’s Lost and Found festival which started in 2015 and the Isle of MTV which has been gracing the island for many years.

The live music scene is also vibrant in Malta! You can bump into a number of performers on the streets, especially in Valletta. One of the most popular spots to enjoy a jazz session is definitely Bridge Bar, which gets extremely busy on Friday evenings. Musicians meet up here from May till the end of October, performing in front of the crowds gathered on the stairs just opposite. Great views of Grand Harbour, a wide selection of drinks and atmospheric vibe of candlelit steps accompanied saxophone tones – not bad, right?

At Raketech we like to work hard and play hard, so having our office located in the middle of the most popular restaurant and bar area suits us pretty well 😉 We know how to throw a party – check out the video from our Club Tropicana Summer event!


Full of Culture & History

Valletta is currently the cultural capital of the entire continent! Carrying the title, European Capital of Culture, Valletta is host to over 400 various events happening across the entire year. You can choose from a range of stage, musical, food, historical and artistic performances, that appeal to both adults and children.

Malta, as an ex British colony, bears a lot of similarities to Great Britain. English is the second language in Malta, both taught at school and adopted as the official office language in most international companies like Raketech. Additional language skills are definitely a plus, as companies working within various regions are always in need for multi-lingual speakers from across Europe.

Do not be deceived – just because Malta is relatively small in size, it still has a lot to offer and is unique in so many ways. There are plenty of historic places to visit, with three UNESCO World Heritage sites including the impressive megalithic temples from the 3rd millennium BC and various picturesque fortifications such as the ‘silent city’ of Mdina (you might have seen Mdina while watching Game of Thrones!).

Fancy a longer trip? With 25 days annual leave and 14 public holidays every year, there is always time to explore the Maltese Islands or visit European countries nearby. The island of Sicily is a short two-hour ferry trip to the north and daily flights from Malta International Airport will take you all over Europe and beyond.

Work Has to Be Done!

Great, so you know that the weather is amazing and that there is plenty to do in Malta. But surely work has to be done! The island of Malta, being the iGaming capital of Europe, has endless job opportunities within the digital and tech sector. Marketing, SEO, content writing, data analysis, operations, IT, software development… the list goes on and on, providing a lot of job opportunities for people seeking a new career.

Malta is a hub for tech and innovation and has recently made a huge statement by becoming the first country in the world to develop a regulatory system that is custom made for blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses. A number of major players have started relocating to the self-named ‘Blockchain Island’ and will benefit from the revolutionary legal framework and join a creative hub for crypto and digital entrepreneurs.


When Things Get Serious

Moving abroad can be daunting and we know pretty much everything about it. We’ve been there and done that! There are, certainly, a few things that can make this process a bit easier. If you already have a job waiting for you, then you definitely have one thing less to worry about. Our HR team is experienced in helping people move and find their feet in a foreign country, starting with a relocation package, including travel and accommodation when you first join us.

Raketech provides our staff with flexible and remote working initiatives, which means staff can work from anywhere they wish, maybe visiting family back in their home country or extending a trip abroad with a few days of remote work either side.

When on the lookout for an apartment, you should take into consideration the location of your future workplace. There are various property agencies offering accommodation rentals for a wide range of prices, so remember to do a thorough research before agreeing on your final place! Raketech and a bunch of our gambling operator partners are based in St. Julian’s and Sliema, so look for a place that’s easy walking distance to this part of town if you don’t plan to drive (PS. Malta drives on the left – wrong for most of the World – side of the road). There are no trains, just public transport buses that can be very busy during the peak tourist season (June to September). Taxi services are getting much better and cheaper here in Malta, plus you can now find a range of different companies such as Taxify or eCabs that have mobile apps to make quick and real-time bookings similar to Uber.

When it comes to making everyday cash withdrawals or payments, you shouldn’t find any issues using a credit or debit card from your home country. You can apply for a local bank account as soon as you become a resident, secure a job and prove you are working. However, this process can take a while and we recommend trying a prepaid fintech bank such as Monzo or Revolut, you can top-up or even have your salary paid in, avoiding transaction fees and unfavourable currency exchange rates.


Are you thinking of moving abroad to work in Malta? Check out our current openings and work at one of the fastest growing iGaming companies on the island!