The benefits of working remotely

More than two-thirds of people around the world work away from the office at least one day per week, according to IWG’s study. The trend of people working remotely is continually growing and careers with the option of working away from the office are forecast to double by 2020 in Europe. Being able to work from home, or literally from anywhere with power and an Internet connection, gives office-based workers flexibility that turns out to be one of the most prized perks for a modern-day employee.

Why remote working wins

We live in such a well-connected world today and are always on the go, so taking a break from the office to work somewhere else can be a nice change to the norm. Give us a laptop, a decent internet connection, and we are sorted! We support remote working at Raketech – every employee can enjoy two weeks of working away from the office every year, while some work remote on a more permanent basis from different parts of the world. Working remote enables more freedom with employees having the ability to establish a healthy work-life balance – people are happier feeling that work is not dictating their life or restricting where they can work from. One might think that such a scheme brings a lot of distraction and temptation of not working at all. No, it is not quite true – in reality, nothing changes. Remote workers participate in meetings, keep deadlines and contribute to the team performance on a daily basisSelf-discipline, focus and professional attitude – that’s all it takes to succeed. 

A lot of us tend to use the most out of our remote working allowance to stay at home (come on, who can say “no” to working in pyjamas, while lying on a sofa…). Others prefer to use their accumulated days at once and travel to their home countries for an extended break. Such flexibility gives us a choice of working from a tropical location, being at home close to family or extending a holiday abroad by working a few days while away. We are able to get the job done without having to be at the office – a pretty good deal for both the company and employees, don’t you think?

#TeamRaketech “on the go”

We catch up with some of Team Raketech who work remotely on a more regular basis below.


I have been with Raketech now for almost two years. After completing my BA degree in Business Administration and other independent courses, I settled in Malta to start working at Raketech. For about a year I have been working in Business Control and this has been going very well. I decided that I would like to move back to my home country in Sweden but still wanted to continue my role at Raketech. Since Raketech offers flexible possibilities, I was able to settle in Sweden and continue my work. I travel back to the HQ in Malta once a month to catch up with colleagues, go on meetings and to work in the beautiful and inspiring office. When in Sweden my remote set-up is either my home or an office in Stockholm City. It is no different from when I work in Raketech’s office, I have my computer and large screens since I work with excel a lot… and coffee, of course! I am so satisfied with my employment and am glad that Raketech gave me this opportunity. The best benefit with my set-up is of course that I can continue developing in my role and work for Raketech at the same time as I can be in my home country.


Emma’s set-up in one of Stockholm’s co-working offices


I’m Account Administrator at Raketech and work remotely from home in Gozo or from Copenhagen, where my family lives. I’m in charge of domains and data in the HUB (internal database). I deal with providers, accounts, renewals and payments, security, and general data integrity. Everything I do at work is based online, I seldom have meetings, but if I have, I manage with Skype when out of the office. I live in Gozo, one of Malta’s three islands, and travel to Raketech’s HQ in Malta every week. I aim to be at the office 2-3 days a week. Working remotely is great because I have fewer distractions and can focus on assignments, that need my concentration. I do miss my colleagues though, which is why I do not work remotely 100%. I benefit from working remotely by planning my tasks in advance, knowing that some jobs need a quieter environment and can, therefore, focus on them when at home. It also means I do not have to commute for over two hours every day. I really enjoy the office environment, and I wouldn’t be without it, so I get the best of both worlds. I am usually at my screen at 8 am and have already prepared a list of juicy tasks, so it’s just head down and get on with it.


Scott’s temporary “office”

I moved to Malta around two years ago to join Raketech, but I recently came back to the UK. I visit the Malta office every few weeks so that I’m around for regular meetings and company events, and work from all sorts of places when I’m remote. I rent a WeWork office desk when I’m in London and you’ll find me working at an airport lounge or a nice coffee shop when on the move. I’m able to work from pretty much wherever I am at the time as long as I have a comfy seat, my laptop and the internet. I love the freedom of being able to work from anywhere and time-saving benefits of being able to log in at any time. Last Christmas I worked for a week building up to Christmas and was able to work remotely and spend time with my family who I hadn’t seen for a year. This meant I had plenty of time to do everything with my holiday time.

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