A team of experts who truly care about helping everyone find better ways to win.

Specialised in complete holistic, strategic approaches with shared targets working in partnership with clients to deliver quality, in the smartest way, at the best ROI.

Half of the world’s population is online and has access to billions of webpages at their fingertips. But we don’t always know what we are looking for in a world of information overload.

That’s why Raketech was founded – to deliver relevant and simplified content in our expert field and help connect consumers to the best services to meet their needs.

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Our Purpose

Raketech was founded to guide us.

In a world of information overload, it is not easy to find the best service to fit your needs. In 2010, we started Raketech with a purpose to guide ourselves and our friends within the iGaming universe. Today we are an award-winning iGaming affiliate company, with our sights set on areas that we find fun, exciting and important.

Our Vision

To always be the first choice, by driving the industry users and partners at our core.

We are focused. We want to drive the industry by adding user value and being relevant. We are hungry, and that’s how we stay ahead of the game. We work as a team and strive to shake-up the affiliate sector. Our actions will drive the industry forward and position us as the first choice in the market.

Our Mission

To guide and inspire people towards informed decisions.

We exist to serve our users with high-quality content. We provide value by guiding and inspiring them to best in class services, and always strive to improve their decision-making. By being responsible and relevant to our users, we become more relevant to our business partners.

10 years of Raketech

Management Team

Johan Svensson

Acting Chief Executive Officer

Måns Svalborn

Chief Financial Officer

Andrea Candian

Chief Technology Officer

Ian Hills

Managing Director, Malta

Ramma Sharifi

Managing Director, US

Dalia Turner

Chief People Officer

Christian Lowe di Biase

Chief Business Development Officer

Carl – Johan Saltarski

Chief Marketing Officer

Board of Directors

Ulrik Bengtsson


Clare Boynton

Board Member

Erik Skarp

Board Member

Marina Andersson

Board Member

Patrick Jonker

Board Member