Affiliate and performance marketing is what we do.

Long term full service partners

As an affiliate and performance marketing company, we promote and generate online traffic for our business partners.

Our portfolio of online products help people make well-informed decisions, which in turn delivers engaged users to our business partners from across the world.

Raketech acts as a valuable link between the potential customers and our business partners – we present the best possible services to our visitors and drive high volumes of engaged users to our partners.

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Customer experience.

With any venture we take on, our team of experts ensure that a fully transparent partnership approach is adopted from the get-go.

By establishing initial goals and offering training in order to fully understand and comprehend our strategies, our team will work towards your goals and your needs.

Appreciated by players

Our digital products are built with players needs and safety at the heart of each project.

By delivering relevant content in our expert fields, all products guide and inspire our users to the best possible services in the industry.

Performance based.

Our team are in it for the long haul, which is why we focus on long term and successful partnerships.

Our performance-based business model, ensures that we are fully invested in achieving outstanding results which in turn brings about success for all parties.

Above all, we’re here to add value.

Trying to grasp what affiliation and performance marketing entails, but feel like you’ve gotten lost along the way? We get you! We’ve broken down how we can add value to your business, by listing our core offerings – minus the jargon.

Brand Exposure
Whether launching a new brand or running a significant campaign, our team of experts will combine a modular marketing strategy that will ensure the correct exposure and awareness of your brand in your respective fields. From traditional comparison top list exposures to programmatic display ads, we will increase relevant and valuable traffic to your brand.

Are your new leads offering any value? Our mission is to ensure fruitful acquisition by using data of users in-market of industry associated products based on our affiliate sites. Our propriety websites and communities offer a unique opportunity to create a trustworthy dialogue with our leads through notifications, emails, SMS or telephone calls depending on which of our assets they are active on.

Activation & Reactivation
Acquiring leads is the initial stage of any CRM funnel, but ensuring those leads deposit and stay loyal to your brand can be a struggle. Our team engage and activate existing customers that are showing signs of churning, whilst also reactivating the ones have already fallen off your customer lifecycle.

Data Insights & Analytics
We gather insights and data from all of our digital assets in one place. Our large and engaging high traffic digital assets provide us with invaluable insights on user behaviors, patterns and more that we use when distributing your marketing budget. Our data allows us to target users with high propensity to convert and thereby eliminate wasted media spend and decreased CPA.

Constantly finding better ways to win. 

From casino affiliation to sports betting, Raketech has grown its portfolio and expanded out of solely iGaming. We’re always on a mission to increase value for our clients and that also means stepping outside of our primary industry.



Online Casinos are our bread and butter. Behind each of our consumer-facing online product, is a team of experts dedicated to providing insightful content aimed at educating all avid online casino players. Our comprehensive guides ensure users are updated on all casino news, fast payment methods, the best deposit rates and ultimately allow them to navigate to the casinos that suit their needs.


Our portfolio of Sports products, offer the perfect channels for any enthusiasts who want to stay up to date with all things sports related. From news, fixtures, results, statistics, TV shows and latest odds, our product are the ideal one-stop-shop for any sports betting audience.

We’ve worked with some of industry leading brands.