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What is affiliate marketing?

As an affiliate and content marketing company, we promote and generate online traffic to websites of our business partners. Every time a single internet user converts into a new customer for our clients thanks to our promotional efforts, we earn commission. Therefore, we provide a valuable link between the players and operators, bringing the best possible iGaming services to the users and driving quality traffic to our partners.

Appreciated by players

  • Players who visit affiliate websites often do so with a clear intention of playing online
  • Players use affiliate websites as it is a convenient way pf finding new iGaming sites, or attractive offers
  • Players find the iGaming offering most suitable for their individual preferences

Essential marketing channel for operators

  • Only marketing channel for a smaller iGaming operators and a “must have” channel for large operators
  • As the revenue model is tied to the acquisition of new players, affiliates offer operators a highly measurable, low risk, marketing alternative with high return on investment

Low brand and market risk

  • Since the affiliates are in control of traffic, they do not need to take a stance on which brands or markets that will be attractive in the future – they can simply steer their traffic towards the most suitable operator for the user
What is Raketech’s business model?

Our business model is built on three pillars – M&A, Core and Lab. Each pillar focuses on the particular area to ensure continued good delivery of the entire business. Our strong and well-diversified product portfolio is found within the Core pillar. This highly synergetic product ecosystem enables long term sustainable position within the iGaming industry.

M&A – acquired growth

Acquisition capability

Continuous screening
for new leads

Brand and geo
expansion diversity

Tool to diversify the
product portfolio

Core – development of current products

Lab – new innovations

New technology & media

New markets

New products

Focus on innovation with
a unique structure

Who do we work with?

We build long-lasting partnerships with carefully selected business partners consisting of tier 1 operators and other highly reputable brands in the markets and verticals where we are active.

Partner Testimonials

Raketech is the perfect example of an affiliate partner that delivers good traffic numbers and results, while also focusing on regulatory compliance and responsible gambling – something that is very important, and we look forward to working with Raketech for years to come.


The Raketech team are a pleasure to work with and are always determined to try new things and make adjustments to deliver results. They are a trustworthy partner that provides high-quality products and take compliance seriously.


Our long-time partnership with Raketech is a testament to the company’s reliability and expertise in affiliate marketing. They are professional and, at the same time always manage to add a personal touch. Raketech is growing from strength-to-strength, and we look forward to continuing our valuable partnership into the future.


Raketech is a dependable and trustworthy affiliate partner. They always provide a professional service, at the same time as respecting compliance and responsible gambling standards, which validates that they value our long-term relationship.