Raketech’s Corporate Governance

Raketech’s legal framework encompasses various corporate entities, including the Articles of Association, Auditor and Certified Adviser, General Meeting, Nominating Committee, Remuneration Committee, Board of Directors, and the Executive Management Team. At the annual general meeting, shareholders exercise their right to elect the board of directors and its chairman. Subsequently, the board of directors appoints the CEO. The annual general meeting mandates auditors to scrutinize the accounting records and the management of the board of directors and the CEO throughout the financial year.

From a legal standpoint, corporate governance refers to the set of regulations and structures established to manage the operations of a limited company efficiently and prudently. Its ultimate objective is to fulfill shareholders’ expectations for returns and provide stakeholders with necessary information about the company and its evolution. The Company’s corporate governance adheres to Maltese law, primarily governed by Chapter 386 of the Laws of Malta, specifically the Maltese Companies Act of 1995, in conjunction with the Company’s memorandum and articles of association.

Articles of AssociationBoard of DirectorsExecutive Management Team

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