We believe in the people that stand behind our success.

Here at Raketech, we believe that life isn’t simply black and white.

Just like all the colours in between, we recognise that our workforce requires individual needs for optimal success.

Adopting our remote-first way of life allows us to be flexible with our work patterns, all the while maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life. Happy people are key to an efficient and productive team!

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The best things in life can’t be bought.

Malta is our base, but the world is our home.

Raketech’s operational hub is currently based in Malta, the Silicon Valley of Europe. Malta forms an important part of our company culture and identity, whilst offering the perfect backdrop for our fast-paced company.

That being said, Malta is not fully responsible for embodying the workforce and team we are today. Constantly striving to ensure a comfortable working environment for all has allowed us to adopt a flexible remote-first working model. Whilst we understand that some roles and also personal preferences require a bustling office, we’ve adapted our way of working to allow our team to work from anywhere around the world.

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