Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors provides information annually regarding corporate governance functions in the Company and how Raketech applies the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (the “Code”). This information is published in a corporate governance report and on this website.

Deviations from the Swedish Corporate Governance Code

In accordance with the principle of “comply or explain” of the Code, Raketech has decided to deviate from the Code in one aspect. Raketech has established an incentive programme where some of the options allotted within the programme may be utilised from the first date of trading in the company’s shares and that certain other options may be utitlised from the day following 24 months after the first day of trading. This constitutes a deviation from Section 9.7 in the Code. The reason for the deviation from the Code is that the programme was finalised before the decision on the listing of the Raketech’s shares on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market was taken and, consequently, that the terms were set in accordance with market practice for private companies in Malta.