Responsibility Statement

At Raketech, we take being a compliant and responsible company seriously. As one of Europe’s leading online gambling affiliates, we intend to lead by example as a responsible company, protecting our customers and partners to safeguard the long-term sustainability of the affiliate marketing industry.

We want to reassure our users, partners and regulators that we value being a fully compliant and responsible business. Raketech will endeavour to go above and beyond to obey the gambling industry and affiliate marketing regulations, codes of best practice and responsible guidelines set-out in the markets where we operate.

Bonus offers or promotions must be clear and accurately advertised. Each campaign or promotion will contain ‘New Customer Offer, 18+, T&C’s Apply and Gamble Responsibly’ where relevant. We never encourage gambling in ways that appeal to children, young people or vulnerable adults. Campaign text is always factual, accurate and includes detailed requirements. We always provide as much information as possible, and never exaggerate a promotion.

We link to the necessary terms and conditions and always clearly explain specific promotion requirements, including responsible gambling messaging and links to regional responsible gambling institutions.

Promotion Terms and Conditions

Examples of promotional terms and conditions include eligibility restrictions, deposit requirements, wagering requirements, restricted odds / games and withdrawal limits. We actively work to ensure that our partner offers and promotions featured are clear and not misleading in any way and work closely with our partners to ensure we are following their specific rules. Operators supplying direct links to full promotional terms and conditions are published alongside promotional text, including a date stamp at the time of writing. For example, offer valid as of the date published, 18+ T&Cs apply and we remind our visitors that operators have the right to change an offer at any given time.

Children and Under 25s

We never publish content targeted at children or content that promotes gambling in a way that might appeal to children. We avoid images that might appeal to minors and the likeness of anyone who seems to be under 25 years old in any marketing content.

Responsible Gambling

Raketech is an advocate for responsible gambling, and our sites include responsible gambling messaging such as ‘please gamble responsibly’, which is supported with articles on how players can enjoy gambling. Gambling must never be promoted as a form of guaranteed income or method for getting out of debt. We always state that gambling should be treated as a form of entertainment and we strive to provide content that encourages bankroll management, advice on operator safety measures and information on organizations that offer expert gambling addiction advice. We include links to the various responsible gambling bodies in the markets we operate in the footer of our pages.

Sports Betting Tips

Raketech works with a group of successful sports tipsters who provide expert tips and suggestions. However, our sports betting content never promotes a guaranteed profit or success. All past tipster bet success/statistics is honest and transparent. Our sports writers encourage sports betting as a leisure activity, support good bankroll management and never endorse risking excessive stakes.


Raktetech manages an email database of customers who have subscribed to receive promotional offers. We employ processes to protect personal data and never share personal information with third parties. We never send emails that intentionally impersonate a gambling operator. Mailers include the name of the Raketech brand distributing the email to clearly show that the message is from an affiliate provider. Each email subscription incorporates double opt-in and the opportunity to unsubscribe from promotional emails.

Social Media

Raketech follows social media guidelines on an operator-by-operator basis to ensure we are always compliant. Social media channels include 18+ and please gamble responsibly within each bio. Social media posts promoting a campaign, bonus or odds will never directly link to an operator. We aim to make all social media competitions clear and never misleading. Raketech does not conduct any paid social media that promotes operators or campaigns.

Excluded Channels

Raketech does not use any of the following marketing channels when promoting our partners:

  • Media Buying
  • Paid Social Media Ads
  • Pop-unders
  • SMS Marketing

Raketech Group reserves the right to update or change our responsibility statement. We want to ensure we lead the way as a responsible affiliate and will adapt our stance based on changes to regulation.

Please contact for further information.