Investment Case

KEY reasons FOR investing in Raketech 
A diversified business model with four KEY product categories

Our product portfolio has a favourable split of comparison, community, media guides and social media products that are optimised to complement each other and deliver high-quality content that generates leads or exposure for our partners.

We are well-established and trusted name in the Nordics

We are experts in our field with years of experience building quality products that deliver the best promotions, product reviews, and e-gaming services for our users in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland.

A SUCCESSFUL M&A strategy with a PROVEN track-record of synergetic acquisitions

The ability to find effective M&A opportunities that drive growth is key to our success. We have a clear strategic vision of what we require to help us grow via acquisitions into the future.

very strong relationships with the biggest operators

We work closely with our partners to understand what service they want and work together on driving our industry forward to deliver for both parties.

Strong historical financial development secured by lifetime revenue share LEADS 

We have long-term partnerships with our partners after generating leads that will continue to deliver recurring revenue well into the future.

A focus on sustainability and responsible affiliate marketing

We are forerunners in affiliate compliance, corporate responsibility and responsible gambling which helps us deliver our long-term growth goals.


We work together cohesively towards common goals


We are brave, focused and ready for any challenge


We are always accountable for our actions and results


We embrace change and act fast in everything we do

Open Minded

We challenge the status quo and embrace diversity