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In this upcoming series we would like to introduce you some of our Raketekkers. First up we meet Cristian Campan. Cristian joined Raketech in March 2020 as a Commercial product lead and is responsible for the development of – a sports betting wiki geared towards explaining betting to our American friends.
We meet up with Cristian to learn more about his experience being part of Team Raketech.

How did your Raketech journey start?

I remember the exact date as it was yesterday, it was the 26th of March 2020, just a few days before all Europe halted to a stop due to COVID-19 alarming for someone starting a new job, it’s not an ideal scenario, but there’s only one thing that resonated in my mind “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome”, and this is how my journey started.

12 months later, I learned many new things, failed in others, many things have changed for the better and it has been a great journey so far. Looking forward to the next chapters.

What was your first impression of Raketech?

It is a fantastic group of individuals and a great company. I was really impressed by every single member of the team, starting from the most junior of positions to the most senior of members. It was a true pleasure seeing them act and react so fast during a very uncertain and ever-changing environment and they did everything that stood in their power to make sure that everyone was taken care of.

How was your onboarding experience?

My onboarding at Raketech was an experience in itself! Instead of turning up in the office as you do on your first day, I only needed to pick up my laptop and credentials then went back home to meet my new colleagues via Teams!

Then all my training and onboardings happened online via Raketech’s HUB. It opened up a whole new remote world for me. Since then, I have never looked back.

What are your thoughts on progression, development and training opportunities at Raketech?

Raketech is a great company to work for, you can see that they care about the employees and their wellbeing. This can range from private health insurance to health benefits, remote work setup, and many more perks.

In terms of development and training, it really depends on what each person is set out to achieve. For example, I can say that I had the chance to get my CSPO, which translates to “Certified Scrum Product Owner”.

Now that I look back at it, I can see how everything ties in together and helps us implement an Agile methodology in how we handle our work, and opens up our minds for further growth opportunities.

How has Raketech’s remote working model impacted you?

It has been great, I always wanted to experience working as a digital nomad, never really got to it due to a set of different reasons, but now we are here and absolutely enjoy every moment of it.

…and finally, What makes Raketech special?


Behind every great company, there are the people behind it.